Week Four: Is this the end for TodoBot?

Hello all.

I finally launched TodoBot and got on the front page of Hacker News!

Triumph visible at the very bottom of long list

(Didn’t manage to screenshot the true triumph of hitting number 15 - you’ll just have to trust me on that one)

The story peaked at number 15, which is way more traction than I was expecting. Some statistics from the launch day:

  • over 1600 used the app
  • over 50 people registered on the app
  • all this usage burned through $30 of OpenAI credit 💰

Realising that this might be my 15 minutes of fame, I hurriedly put an email signup newsletter on the TodoBot landing page to try and capture some of the traffic, which resulted in…(🥁) 22 signups.

So my mum has now been joined by 21 other people. 🎉

Mega Thursday

On Thursday I also presented TodoBot at Async Brighton, a local web dev meetup that was having a showcase of AI projects, see video below.

People were very kind, which was an additional ego boost (I should really spread my ego boosts out over the month, rather than packing them all in on one day). One of the comments was that TodoBot could be a useful tool for people with ADHD (which I have previously thought - see issue 2) 🤔.

The Competition

TodoBot also found it’s way into this AI tool aggregation site. The other sites that are listed there in that category confirms my suspicion that no-one else is building quite the same thing that as TodoBot. Could this be a gap in the market?

I also read the comments on reddit on the similar goblin.tools site (also featured in issue 2), and there was also a lot of love and enthusiasm (and people saying they would be interested in paying for an app like this).

Despite ChatGPT being all over the news, a lot of people still haven’t used it and don’t know what it’s capable of. I think there is still a huge opportunity in packaging up the magic of LLMs into usable products.


So very mixed feelings at the end of this week. I went into the week thinking that TodoBot was something of a dead end, and excited to move on to something new. Now, I’m wondering whether there is an opportunity here.

But I love the structure of one new product every 4 weeks, so I’m going to stick with it. I registered the domain for the new project today: futuretales.co.uk, more on that next week.

I will keep working on TodoBot though, maybe a few days a month.

See you all next week!

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