Week Ten: The latest plan

So last week was my first week of learning all about marketing.

This got me thinking about Rob Walling’s Stair Step Method of Bootstrapping. Essentially, the idea is that building a SaaS business is really hard, because you need to be able to do a whole bunch of things at the same time (engineering, marketing, idea validation, customer support etc).

The idea is to learn to sell simple products first, then learn to sell more complex ones later.

So I’m going to give that a go.

The New Product: A Weblog

So my next product will be a blog about ruby on rails, and in time, a course about ruby-on-rails. Technical courses are nice simple products, they are one-time sales, require minimal support and maintenance.

I know there is a market that exists for these courses (I have bought them), and I know that the need exists (because it is a need that I experience).

Sounds good.

So tell me more about this blog

I have long thought that there is a bit of a gap in the market in intermediate level, in depth explainers for how Ruby-on-Rails works. I also think there is a gap in the market for technical blogs with a bit of a sense of humour and some simple illustrations. Imagine Wait But Why but for ActiveRecord or the rails autoloader.

WIth that in mind, I’ve bought railsexplained.com. My plan is to create a few blog posts and try and further develop my marketing/SEO expertise by trying to drive traffic to this new site.

And what about the courses

Having built a couple of websites using Hotwire, I also think there is a gap in the market for courses that explain how to use newer rails technologies like Hotwire and Turbo Native. If I get some decent traffic from the blogs, then I’m hoping I can divert some of that into paid courses.

So that’s the latest plan. 🎉

  1. Write blogs
  2. Write Courses
  3. Profit

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